Thursday, 17 October 2019
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Meet Micro-Tel Corporation Wide Range Receiver Model 1200

        This article has been written by Konstantinos Giannopoulos (sw3ora). He has graduated from the University of Portsmouth in UK. He has a BSc degree in Computer Technology and an MSc degree in Communication Networks Planning and Management. For more information you could visit his site here .

        Micro-Tel Corporation has allways produced excellent advanced pieces of equipment. Micro-Tel receivers are used by SETI extensively. In this article, Model 1200 Wide Range Receiver will be presented. Note, we have the complete technical manual of the receiver but for copyright issues we shall not post it here. Please contact us if you need any information.

        Model 1200 Wide Range Receiver is a versalite laboratory instrument designed for antenna pattern ranges, attenuation measurements, spectrum surveillance and general laboratory use. Is is a highly linear receiver which features a square law bolometer output, an audio-video crystal detector, IF output, internal attenuator and refference channel for slideback measurements. The receiver covers the frequency range of 10MHz to 150GHz, with a sliderule dial assembly directly calibrated to 150GHz. At frequencies above 950MHz external mixers and signal combiners must be used for each desirable band. The receiver signal may be CW, pulse or squarewave modulated.

        It is a vintage piece of excellence affordable to everyone. A real time spectrum analyzer/microwave front end. Periodically such pieces are sold on ebay. I bought mine for 60 Euros! A very few radio amateurs can spend thousands of Euros for a modern spectrum analyzer and most of them do not have any means of accurate measurement system.

       The receiver is fully solid state except from the cathode ray tunning indicator and the first local oscillator (plannar triode tube). It is only composed of transistors and not microchips, so a replacement in case of failure is not difficult. Contact the Greek Microwave Group if you need more specific information about model 1200. We have the complete manual of the receiver. Internal photos of the receiver are shown below.



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