Tuesday, 25 June 2019
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First GAEC Conference Proceedings

The next article presents a summary of the proceedings of the first GAEC conference that held place in Thessaloniki. Among others, some respectable scientists contributed. They are members of the few independent worldwide research teams that consider the radiation consequences to humans. 

In this newsflash we will focus on the microwave radiation consequences proceedings of the conference. These can be summarized in the bullets below:

  • In many countries, including Greece, the law permits the cell phone companies to install unlicenced base stations and antennas for a short period of time. These companies would not uninstall these antennas even after juridicial decision.
  • Technical solutions were presented in order to have cell phone systems with very low electromagnetic radiation limits
  • Impressive and unexplained discovery that shows that the blood-brain barrier collapses more easily at 1/1000 of the strength of the cell phone radiation. Doctors should read the action of the "proteins of thermic shock" that may be the explanation of this unexplained discovery
  • The electric fields, the pulse fields (cell phones, Wi-Fi etc.) and the very low frequencies affect more the human biology as they change the internal cells concentration
  • Impressive research about the members of many "respectable" committees and their relations with the telecommunications industry, that agree with the formal electromagnetic radiation limits and publish "researches" that present the electromagnetic radiation to be innocent. 
  • The electromagnetic sensitivity of some humans is formally recognized in Sweeden. Also a mechanism were presented that could explain their sensitivity compared with other humans
  • Mutations of the mice brains even for SAR < 1 (or for distances < 100 meters from cell phone base station antennas)
  • Irregular growth of chicken foetuses (expulsions, malformations, delays) up to 62,78% as well as precocious deaths of mice foetuses and non-inverted sterility in non-thermal pulse microwaves
  • The human body is a good antenna because it's veins is full of cunductive substance
  • Reduction of male fertility from the use of cell phones for a few hours a day
  • Relation of children's autism, which has been increased 6000% in the past few years, with the electromagnetic radiation of the mobile and wireless networks (Wi-Fi)
  • Cordless phones and Wi-Fi can also be unhealthy
  • Electromagnetic radiation can make water biologically active, which has great consequences to the bublic health
  • Finally, there were a lot of reports for cancer, fracture of DNA, etc


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