Sunday, 17 November 2019
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Disclaimer notice
Disclaimer nottice for readers and authors
The Greek Microwave Group is a group of telecommunication engineers and radio amateurs who are interested in the area of microwaves. It is a non profit microwave group in Greece that has been created by the interest of these people in these frequencies. Anyone is encouraged to join GMG for free and post their work on the website.
Most of the articles presented in this website have been posted after the approval of the authors or the owners of these articles. However, there may exist articles where we were unable to find their copyright owners or any copyrights that may apply to them. These articles have been submitted to us form members of the group and we are unaware of any copyright issues related to them. For such articles, relevant disclaimer notices may have been added. If it happens to be the owner of the copyrights of such an article, please contact us immediatelly at first, to resolve any copyright issues or to remove the article from the website. We respect copyright issues as long as we are aware of them.
You are free to copy and use everything on this website provided that you do not alter the content and you clearly define the source that it has been copied. All material on this website is provided as is without any guarantee. It is provided for you to read in order to understand the basic principles of operation. You may build and use any project only at your own risk and you are the only one that are responsible for its use, we accept no responsibility.
You have to aggree to this disclaimer notice to use the information provided on this website.
Thank you all for understanding,
The GMG team
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