Tuesday, 17 September 2019
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76 GHz QSO over a distance of 133,6Km

(a report from Wolfgang Hoeth, OE3WOG und Rudi Wakolbinger, OE5VRL)


OE5VRL/5 and OE3WOG/P have succsessfully completed a 76 GHz SSB QSO on Thursday, April 09. 2009 over a distance of 133,6km. This QSO breaks the 1995 IARU 1 record between HB9MIO/P and DK4GD/p over a distance of 114km.


The details:


date:                         2009.04.09

time:                         08:02h UTC

frequency:                76.032,230MHz

path length:              133,6km

modulation:              SSB

rapport:                     53 to 54 (both)



  • OE3WOG/P


location:                    Hocheck (OE3)

ASL:                         1.037m + 15m lookout tower

locator:                     JN77XX

TX output:                 500micro Watt (ESB)   

RX NF:                     15db (DSB)

antenna:                   70cm Parabol, (KEPS)

IF:                             FT790RII (modified)

temperature:            +12C°

visibility:                    10 to 20km (ground fog)



  • OE5VRL/5


location:                    Kammerschlag, (OE5)

ASL:                         860m     

locator:                     JN78DJ

TX output:                 1,2mW (DSB)

RX NF:                     15db (DSB)

antenna:                   47,4cm Parabol, (homemade)

IF:                             FT290

temperature:            +15C°

humidity:                   57%

visibility:                    10 to 20km  (ground fog)



A video sequence of this QSO is available at: 

Watch the video here!



  • Pictures:


path profile  JN78DJ zu JN77XX



 OE5VRL/5 in JN78DJ



  OE5VRL/5, 76 GHz equipment & antenna



 OE5VRL/5, transverter in place




 OE3WOG/P, 76 GHz equipment & antenne



 OE3WOG/P transverter in in place



 lookout tower on Hocheck mountain (JN77XX)



 OE3WOG/P, antenna alignments  on 24 & 47 Ghz




 OE3WOG FT790RII, front




 OE3WOG FT790RII, rear


 Contact details: This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it

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