Friday, 22 November 2019
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  Link   RF & Microwave Measurements
Hands-On Workshops on RF and Microwave Measurements
  Link   Advanced Microwave Systems
The primary objective target of the scientific-engineering team that comprises the company Advanced Microwave Systems (AMS) Ltd is the design and development of custom RF and microwave assemblies and systems for both the military and commercial marke
  Link   Hellenic Innovative Technologies Ltd
HIT LTD is founded on February 2010. The primary objective target of the scientific-engineering team that comprises the company Hellenic Innovative Technologies (HIT) Ltd is the design and development of custom RF and microwave assemblies and systems
  Link   3d smith chart
It presents a Java tool based on the IEEE MWCL June 2011 article "A 3D Smith chart based on the Riemann sphere for active and passive Microwave circuits". The 3D Smith chart Java tool allows the user to play with the entire impedance and reflection..
  Link   PH0V website
Microwave articles mainly in Dutch, but more and more in English. Data about PI7ALK beacons.
  Link   Emblation ISYS245 Microwave generator/Amplifier
Our latest product the ISYS245 has been designed to deliver high power microwave energy at 2.45GHz in a compact turnkey package suitable for laboratory and general use. The ISYS245 was recently featured in the May edition of Microwave Journal an
  Link   The Official ARHAB Website
Amateur Radio High Altitude Ballooning is the premier site for near space explorers and enthusiasts dedicated to the education and study of aerospace science via Amateur Radio High Altitude Ballooning.
  Link   everything RF - An Online resource for RF & Microwave Engineers
everything RF - - is an online resource for RF & Microwave Engineers. The website has everything - A components search engine, Articles/Whitepapers , Products, News, Events, Jobs, Forums and more.
  Link   G8CUB
Microwave articles on synthesisers, 5.7 / 10 / 24GHz transverters by conversion of surplus comercial equipment
  Link   Forgotten weird technology website
A website containing important information about all the past technological issues that are rarely used today, yet very informative and attractive.
  Link   IW9ARO & IW9HJV ham radio pages
The section of IW9ARO and IW9HJV technical website dedicated to their Microwave activities. Includes transverter project, station setups, QSO logs and pictures plus other technical stuffs.
  Link   Wenzel Associates
World-class performance and innovative design characterize Wenzel Associates, Inc. as the leader in low phase noise crystal oscillators, synthesizers and frequency related modules. Since 1978, the company has defined the state-of-the-art in ultra-low
  Link   Radio Amateur Association of Greece
The Official Site of Radio Amateur Association of Greece, IARU Member since 1959.
High Quality Military & Obsolete Parts. If you cannot find something, send us an email. We can find everything for you.
  Link   9H1LO Microwave
Projects such as simple 23cm MMIC amplifier for ATV or SSB or can be used as driver for Mitsubishi modules...also many other items of interest
  Link   Matjaz Vidmar, S53MV
Probably the best website around, as far as concern microwaves. Very advanced microwave and electronics projects
  Link   Peter Day
Dedicated Amateur Radio website for the bands from 1GHz up
  Link   UK Microwave Group
Official website of the UK Microwave Group whose members are radio amateurs interested in microwave equipment construction, experimentation and operating. Membership is open to anyone, anywhere in the world.
  Link   Applied Electronics Laboratory University of Patras
The Applied Electronics Laboratory (APEL) is one of the main laboratories in the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering, University of Patras. It was founded in 1975.
  Link   Microwave Telecommunications Systems (MTS) Research Group University of Portsmouth
Formed in 1980 by Professor Vilar, formerly Reader in Microwave Systems and now an Emeritus Professor, the Microwave Telecommunications Systems (MTS) Research Group is one of the longest established research groups at the University of Portsmouth.
  Link   Microwave Journal
One of the most useful microwave journals
  Link   The lab of 711
Great electronics site.
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